Lay Duckworth Construction Is Now LAY Construction


Our services are designed to make your project run smoothly. From pre-construction and budgeting to cost-plus contracting and fixed-cost estimation, we’re here to help!

Pre-Construction & Budgeting

At LAY Construction, our pre-construction and budgeting services are all about eliminating potential roadblocks and setting your project up for success.

We believe in the benefits of early contractor involvement in every project, which is why we start by working with you and designers to develop a budget and project schedule. An established budget and project schedule reflect obligations from the beginning, paving the way for your project’s success. Over the course of your project, we evaluate design progress during regularly scheduled team meetings to verify that progress aligns with budget. During this time, we also highlight major cost and schedule drivers, and then determine solutions to keep your project moving forward.

Information You Can Trust

Pre-construction and budgeting means you will receive information you can trust before your construction documents are completed so you are fully prepared, with no surprises.

General Construction

At LAY Construction, our team is here to make your project a success. That’s why we’re always easy to reach and ready to answer your questions.

We are a full-service general contractor, which means our team is responsible for managing your entire project, including scheduling inspections; obtaining building permits from local and state officials; hiring subcontractors; ordering supplies; and completing labor. As general contractors, we will be your main point of contact throughout your project. Our job is to save you time, effort, and money while streamlining the construction process. When you partner with our team, we’ll successfully guide your project from concept to completion.

Cost-Plus Contracting

We know how important it is for you to get your project started and have it completed successfully. Through transparency, speed, and teamwork, we can discount overhead and profit, share cost reports, and start your project immediately. When you’ve got a big project on your hands, it can be overwhelming. We have a quick start and begin the permitting and construction process as soon as possible, preventing unwanted delays and keeping you informed every step of the way. We believe in a team atmosphere and working toward a common goal with you so your project is finished on time and in budget.

Fixed-Cost Estimation

You have a lot to juggle when you’re starting a project. The last thing you need to do is worry about how much everything is going to cost at the end of the day. A full set of construction documents allows us to deliver a detailed and accurate fixed cost proposal and estimate within two weeks, helping you compare bids. You deserve to know how much your project is going to cost, with no gray area or over-explanation complicating what should be clear-cut. Our fixed-cost estimation means you know exactly how much you’re going to pay, before you even get started.


At LAY Construction, the design-build delivery allows our team to utilize project management techniques to meet design, cost, and schedule expectations so your project is a success.

Reducing Inefficiencies

The design-build delivery allows you to contract with one firm. All your services will be managed in one place including design, pre-construction, and construction management. Instead of dealing with many different teams, design-build delivery ensures you have a single point of responsibility for the full length of your project. This reduces risk and increases efficiency for your project’s success.

Value Engineering

At LAY Construction, our value engineering services significantly decrease your expected construction costs while maintaining project quality.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with the best quality and value without compromising safety or security. Through value engineering, we conduct extensive evaluations of all project aspects to reduce costs at the construction stage, in addition to reducing future life-cycle costs. This includes collecting information on the scope of the project, analyzing project functions, determining which concepts are feasible, evaluating potential alternatives, and presenting recommendations.

Achieving Essential Functions

You know how much money you have to spend on your project.

You also know how it’s supposed to function. From your project’s inception until its completion, we assist in analyzing your project’s requirements to achieve essential functions at the lowest total costs.